Bullpen Travel Team Info

Bullpen Travel Team Info

To all prospective Bullpen travel team players: The Bullpen Academy has been running a very successful travel team program for the past 10 years while playing against top flight (US) competition, entering tournaments in: Arizona, Las Vegas and San Diego. The Bullpen Academy is the #1 rated travel team in the Province, by USSSA, who sanction the vast majority of events we enter.

What sets the Bullpen program apart from other travel teams are two things: Our very high success rate; championships; amount of time we put in on the practice field. As you could imagine one directly relates to the other. No other travel team program in the Province can even come close to the success we have had in tournaments down south. Nor do they practice anywhere close to what we do. If you absolutely want the best training around, and to see your son / daughter reach their full potential while developing into a first rate player this is the best program offered up…period. The skill set of the players we have in the program is second to none, so if you would like to have your child competing against the best around, in practice, this is the program for you.

The vast majority of money you pay to attend each trip is not for the tournament, but the practice sessions and training we do prior to the event. Only a small portion of the amount paid to play goes towards the event itself.

Tryouts for my varying age groups start up around the beginning of September (in Surrey) and run over a 2-3 week period. Once the teams are selected the boys are together from September – March, with the month of December off. We then get back together from the end of July until the Labour Day weekend. No matter the weather we practice every weekend (in Surrey..99-154) as we do have an indoor training facility (at the field) at our disposal.

Our practices will certainly be far more intense and up tempo than all players would be accustomed to, this is for sure. When on-field we practice for approximately 3 hours per date. Every player/family that has played for the travel team program raves about the practices and what a difference it has made in the (skill) development of their son/daughter both physically and emotionally.

Topics covered in practice are: first & third plays, bunt defense, rundowns, relays, double-cuts, wheel-play, catcher training, ground balls, fly balls, situational plays and base running as well as hitting and pitching instruction. Each practice will end with an on-field inter-squad game as well (weather permitting).

Tournaments featured are: November (Las Vegas), March is Arizona and September (Labour Day) San Diego. For the San Diego event there are 3 / 4 practices a week with 8-10 ex. games through the month of August.

With all travel team trips we arrive a day or two early, to practice as a team on a field near the event.

The Bullpen runs four different age groupings for our travel team program (U10 / U11 / U12 / U13).

The age restriction for each team goes by a player’s birth date. All players’ ages are determined by May 1st. If born before this date then a player would need to play up a year, however, if born after this date then able to play with players his/her own age.

* Not all players will be able to make every event due to other family commitments. Once you have made a specific team there are no guarantees you will be on further teams either..

For more information on past travel teams please visit the Bullpen Facebook page as well as the website. You will find a detailed write up on each of our trips, as well as many photos.If you have any questions regarding the program, please contact me via email, text or cell.


10 Years = 36 : 1st | 18 : 2nd | 22 : 3rd

Brendan Gerbert – Bullpen Baseball Academy & Travel Team Programs Tel.: 778-987-6852 / Email: info@bullpen.ca / www.bullpen.ca