Our Philosophy

The idea behind the Bullpen when it was first created back in 1990 was to offer year round instruction to boys and girls so they could develop their skills through muscle memory but also working on building their self confidence level.

Building their self confidence

Starting kids at a young age helps lay the foundation so bad habits are not picked up. The longer a bad habit goes without being corrected, the longer and harder it is to make the correction. We have our Junior Program for younger kids to start them on the right path. Remember the training facility is not only for highly skilled players who are looking to play College or professional ball. It is for all kids at any skill level. We group kids in classes that match their own skill level.

It is for all kids at any skill level

The Bullpen can work as a quick fix if that is all you are after, but if you would like lasting results year round training is the only answer. I personally have seen kids improve by 100% from one year to the next by enrolling in our Fall and Winter Maintenance Program. If you think that by taking two Months of lessons your son or daughter will turn into an All-Star overnight I would have to say that that is almost impossible.

I personally have seen kids improve 100% 

Our student to instructor ratio is second to none. The Bullpen has three students per instructor in the area of hitting and four students per instructor in the area of pitching. The reason is to promote learning. A smaller class means more attention can be given to each individual student. We have found that adding just one or two more students in a class will drastically reduce the learning curve.


The Bullpen Baseball School

Brendan Gerbert - Bullpen Owner


Amazing experience! This program made my son a better athlete and a better person! He had tons of fun, developed friendships, and learned a lot. He looked forward to all practiced, and tournaments were the top notch, we simple got spoiled with the quality of the games we were lucky to be a part of. Thank you, Fred, for being part of our lives for the last two years and making a difference.

Leanna Maslyuk

My son has been on the travel team for a year and a half and has been working with Fred and his team for even longer. Cam would not be at the level he is at without the Bullpen. Throughout the regular ball season we are lucky enough to have the Bullpen come to our district and work with the kids and all the coaches that come out are knowledgable and great with the kids. The Bullpen is one of the best things that has happened to Cam for his baseball skills. I highly recommend the Bullpen if you are thinking of having your child tryout for the travel team.

Laura Melton Macleod

An incredible organization who’s staff and coaches are so invested in the development of their players. It’s been great seeing our nephew develop his skills while being a part of Bullpen Baseball Academy. Thank you Fred and team!

Michelle Lima

Step up to the Plate